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Our office is located in the Historic Oakwood neighborhood, in a cozy house that feels more like a home than a counseling practice. The ambiance inside is more spa-like than clinical. It is a comfortable and safe environment inside of which clients are encouraged to explore and transform their lives!

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Marriage and Family Therapy Services is Hickory's only professional counseling practice that exclusively specializes in relationships. Working with individuals, couples, families and groups, we assist clients with problems ranging from anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, marital discord, family transitions, marital separation and divorce, gender identity, sexuality, and much more.

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832 2nd Ave. NW

Hickory, NC 28601


In the Historic Oakwood neighborhood, adjacent to the Spa Athletic Club and Across from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Left to Right: Victoria Mason, Brenton Queen and Liza Shaw

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Relationship challenges are inevitable, but sometimes an expert's guidance is necessary to minimize the difficulties.   

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Are all therapists qualified to do couples & family therapy?

What makes us different than other therapists?

Don't settle for just any form of therapy.

We are the only private therapy practice in the Hickory-area that employs exclusively systems-based, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Associates. Most of life's problems affect our relationships, and we are the relationship experts. Read below to understand the crucial importance that your therapist's training has, on the outcome of therapy.

Choosing a therapist? Choose wisely.

We recommend that potential clients "shop around" before committing to working with someone who will have such an important role in their future success! A crucial factor in successful therapy is "Goodness of Fit." When therapists and clients are not a good match, the results from therapy are generally not ideal and could even make problems feel worse.

Some of our therapists offer FREE, 15-30 minute face-to-face consultations, to allow potential clients to learn more about our approach and get to know the therapist personally. To learn more about Goodness of Fit, and this free opportunity, click here.

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