Discover Your Inner Power to THRIVE! (tm)  
YOU have the power to TRANSFORM your life...
regardless of your current circumstances.

The Power to Thrive (tm)

Liza M. Shaw, MA, LMFT
Developer of Power to Thrive (R) Therapy,
Director, Marriage & Family Therapy Services

The "Power to Thrive" is the inborn potential of all people, to develop richly fulfilling lives, beyond all perceived limitations. 

This potential can be developed independent of a person's particular circumstances. Learning to tap into this potential, people can authentically put the past behind them and experience fulfillment -- perhaps even for the first time in their lives! 

What is Power to Thrive Therapy (R) ? 
This empowering form of therapy combines several proven Marriage and Family Therapy approaches into a powerful systemic tool for change. It is useful for individuals, couples, and families.    
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