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Guidelines for Integrating An Early-Stage Recovering Person into the Home

Suggested rules for households with someone in early-stage drug addiction or alcoholism recovery.

Sample Child's Cell Phone Contract

Teach Responsibility. Create an agreement with your child before handing over that powerful smart phone!

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Assertiveness Skills

Learn to discern passive, aggressive and assertive communication styles.

How to Stop Arguing

If you are tired of arguments and are ready to transform your relationships. 

​Codependency Quiz

See if you possess characteristics of Codependency.

Blame vs. Responsibility ~ An Illustration

Distinguish between blame and responsibility and learn to STAND IN YOUR POWER!

Personal Bill of Rights

A sample of rights we all have, but may not always realize.

Watch Liza Shaw's 18-Minute TedxTalk: Marriage 2.0

In Typical TedTalks fashion, this brief, 18-minute talk introduces new concepts in an engaging, entertaining manner. After centuries of "marriage by default," Liza Shaw invites participants to totally reinvent the institution of marriage using a set of brand new ideas. Sometimes confronting, this talk will challenge the "status quo" and leave viewers inspired to recreate their relationships! Presented at Tedx Hickory 2014.

The Victim Triangle

Learn the various roles on the Victim Triangle, and how to recognize the payoffs. 

Vicious Cycles in Relationships

Discover the mutually reinforcing patterns of dysfunctional behavior in relationships. 

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