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Beliefs: Ours and Yours

Marriage and Family Services, PLLC, are therapists who draw upon our belief that all people can overcome adversity and lead thriving lives. We assert that no matter how painful the past may be, the possibility for an extraordinary future is very real! Our therapists often use a clients’ own spiritual beliefs as a tool for recovery, if this fits with the goals of the individuals with whom we work. 

All of our therapists draw upon a unifying principle that with proper support and opportunities,
people are resilient.

We assist our clients to move beyond merely "surviving" their lives, and truly create the thriving lives they have always wanted!

Support for Medical/Pharmacological Needs

Research shows that some psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety, can respond better to a combination of therapy and medication, and that neither treatment provides better results on their own.

​​Marriage and Family Therapy Services often works in partnership with family doctors or psychiatrists, to encourage clients’ total physical, psychological, and emotional health and continuity of care. Clients receive the behavioral, emotional and psychological support through our counseling services, while continuing to get their medication management needs met through their Doctor. Clients who do not have a family physician or psychiatrist can receive a referral from our clinicians, to ensure a collaborative approach to your total wellbeing.

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