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"Learning New Ways to View Life"
    ~ Thalia J., Hickory, NC

"The thing I liked most about having Brenton (Queen) is that he questions the perceptions you have about yourself, and when harmful thoughts arise, he stops them in their tracks."

​"Hypnosis Saved Me From My Abusive Past"
    ~ Pat S., Granite Falls, NC 

"My childhood was filled with violence and abuse, and I have struggled with depression and terrible anxiety for years.  My doctor had prescribed me medication which seemed to take the edge off of my bad moods, but I knew there must be more to life than living through a low level state of dread and worries. Hypnotherapy seemed strange at first, but with everything I had already been through, I was willing to try just about anything to feel better. 

I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt, even in the first hypnosis session.  The music and images allowed me to experience a calm I had never felt in my life.  Throughout the hypnotherapy, I always felt in control and safe.  As I became more comfortable with the process, I began to confront some of the more painful, traumatic memories that have disturbed my thoughts and haunted my dreams.  My therapist was patient, caring, and gently encouraging.  Slowly, I learned some new ways of coping and began to experience less anxiety and much more happiness.  I have learned to appreciate my life and my family so much more, and now, I describe my life as a FEARLESS adventure.  It took me being able to put the past behind me before I could live in the PRESENT.  I never knew how good life could feel.  THANK YOU!"

"When Life Hands You Lemons, Look Up. You're Probably Under a Lemon Tree." 

~ Gerald C., Statesville, NC

"MFTS was very helpful. They are kind and welcoming people with open minds and hearts. In time of need they are a great option to just have someone to talk to. I was very pleased with my experience and would recommend it to all people."

"Goodbye Depression"
    ~ Bill T., Hickory, NC

"Recently, I got a chance to spend time with some friends I have not seen since before I began therapy at Marriage and Family Therapy Services.  Several of them commented – even inquired about – the peace they noticed that emanates from me. 

I just never knew what clear thinking and fulfillment were until you taught me they are powers within me, within my grasp, if only I look for them, exercise them with confidence and pleasure.  Each day of my life has transformed from something to be dreaded to a thing of wonder, challenge, and fulfillment.  I am so blessed that you showed me the way.  Thank you!" 

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What Our Clients Say

Reading informational materials is useful when seeking out a therapist, but we think you should read exactly what our clients have said about working with our expert clinicians. 

All client testimonials have been printed with permission. Clients’ names have been changed to protect confidentiality. Outcomes in therapy vary among individuals, and no particular result can ever be predicted or guaranteed.

"The Marriage I have Always wanted!"    

~ Annabelle H., Valdese, NC

"Working with you (Brenton Queen) has been a life changing experience for me. You not only guided and supported Jonathan (my husband) and me, but helped me find my true self. I know that I could not have made it through such a hurtful and challenging time without your assistance. The sense of peace that I now have in my life and in my marriage is priceless. No words can express how incredibly grateful and thrilled I am to have the marriage I have always wanted! Thank you so much!"

"Recreating Our Marriage After Infidelity"

    ~ Alaina W., Conover, NC

My husband, Graham and I had reached the end of our rope. Our marriage seemed totally hopeless, and divorce, inevitable. His infidelity and constant lying in the last few years of our marriage had driven such a wedge between us, I was sure no amount of therapy would make a difference. We had seen two other therapists who both tried their best, and advised us it was unlikely that we could repair the damage done. We were referred to MFT Services by a friend of ours, who raved about Liza, and assured me she could make a difference. The only reason I was willing to try more counseling was to be able to say I really had done everything – for our children’s sake – before getting divorced. 

Liza was very different from the other therapists we had worked with in the past. She took the time to look beyond the “blame game” that my marriage was stuck in, and worked hard with us to reconcile the immense damage done. Forgiveness is a difficult task, but when the process is expertly handled by a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist, it becomes the easier road than pointing fingers and justifying anger for the rest of your life. 

I never would have thought it possible, but Graham and I have recreated our relationship from the ground up. Now, instead of living a marriage full of blame, guilt, and anger, we are thriving in a new marriage full of personal responsibility, forgiveness, and passionate support. If we had not learned this now, both Graham and I would have been doomed just to keep repeating the same patterns with the next relationship, and the next.  Now, our children will be raised by both of their parents in an intact and loving marriage. It’ll never be perfect – it always takes work. But the work we learned to do at MFT Services was the best gift we could give our children and ourselves.  It was invaluable and will sustain us all for the rest of our lives.